Tesla Model S P85+ order is in

Well, I pulled the trigger. I've ordered a new car for the next phase of my life: a Tesla Model S P85+. The homepage makes it easy to choose options and imagine how the features will look. I did need to do some reading on others' thoughts on the seat covers and the plus package. The seat covers were the hardest choice. I'm lucky I wanted black because that was the only color choice for the cloth covers. After seeing the samples up close when I went to Osaka, I decided on the red multicoat. That red (and the pearl-white) has tiny specks of blue, green, and other colors. From what I understand, it's the color Tesla worked the most on.

I'll leave this post to stand on its own...

Output from my finalized order: A Tesla Model S P85+ Red Multicoat

Output from my finalized order: A Tesla Model S P85+ Red Multicoat

Here starts the Tesla in Japan Blog...

The plan for this blog is to document the search, research, purchase and use of my retirement car. Since I was a teen, my dream car has been a Porsche, either a 911 or a Carrera. My first car was a 1967 VW bug, so a step up to a Porsche seemed a logical move. Who doesn't want to drive a fast, slick car, built for speed and catching peoples' eyes? Sigh...

This dream was transformed in the past 18 months as I read about the car company Tesla. As you may know, Tesla is working very hard to bring all-electric cars to the planet. As you must already know, the image of electric cars is not a good one; I've read and heard that golf cart is the most common image of an electric car.

Tesla does not build golf carts; in fact, they are building some of the sleekest, fastest production cars on the road. If you did not know that, get ready for a ride. I haven't driven one for more than a short test drive, so I cannot yet comment much on that (more coming). However, I will post what I have found out about the car as time goes by. If you cannot wait, just google what you want to know.

Oh, yeah, I live in Japan, so this blog will document information as it purtains to having a Tesla in Japan. Fasten your seat belts.