Japan Gets its 14th Supercharger: Fukuoka's Sue Smart Interchange

On February 10th, Tesla Japan will open its 14th Supercharger at the Sue Smart IC (interchange) near Fukuoka city. The Sue IC is between the Fukuoka and Dazaifu ICs. The term Smart is used when there is both an exit/entrance and service/parking area together. These ICs are perfect for Superchargers because they are so close to the highway, with no need to drive into a city away from your route. You exit the highway, make a few turns, and plug into a Supercharger that is located next to a SA/PA. You can still use the facilities and get back on your route in a timely manner. 

I'll get some pictures up next time I drive by, perhaps Sunday as I start my next road trip. 

Thank you very much, Tesla, for working to extend the Japanese Supercharger network.