Tesla updates its Model S warranties

If you have been following the news, you have seen the report this month from Consumer Reports relating to the occasional troubles with Model Ss. While the Model S earned the best car rating ever from Consumer Reports, continued use of the car by various staff members turned up some problems.

The door handles that come out when you unlock the car did not come out at times; an update downloaded over the Internet took care of the problem. At one point the center panel froze, needing a hard reset at a service center. There were also problems with the frunk latch, a rear seat buckle, some noise, and a faulty charger adapter. All were fixed or replaced under the Model S's warranty. Read the short review for other details; there is actually more good than bad. The car was built in 2013, so later model cars should have the advantage of hindsight.

Which brings us to the title of this post. Yesterday, Elon Musk blogged (and sent me email since I'm a customer) Tesla's new warranty policy. The drive train of all Model Ss will match the warranty of the battery pack: eight years and unlimited miles. This update includes older cars, not just new ones. Mr. Musk wanted to bring this policy to the Model S to emphasize the reliability of electric power. Tesla owners rejoice!