The Basics

If you are new to Tesla and its cars, the best place is to start is at one or both ("both" means of relevance to me and my readers) of their websites. The U.S. site is at and the Japanese site is at At either site, you need to click on the Buy link to look at all the options. You can create an account and save your current options without making any kind of commitment, or you can just play around with the options leaving no information. It really is a nice way to shop for a car. To get any of the nice numbers (range and best torque for pick up) you are going to see in the reviews, you will need to add the 85Kw battery and the performance+ packages.

After playing with those sites, you'll most likely have lots of questions about how things work on the car. Don't forget to add Model S in your keywords ("tesla model s review" is where I would start). I've read so many reviews, it is hard to pick out the best ones. U.S. News had a good review and a link to compare similar (but different) cars. Autocar's review is fairly detailed and approaches the car from a European perspective, as does the one from Auto Express. Don't think what you read at the Tesla site is biased; the web site has an extensive list of reviews, current and past.

The Tesla site has a blog with its latest news and announcements, often with the CEO himself, Elon Musk, posting and commenting on the progress of the company. If you click on the U.S. site's Enthusiasts' link, you can find a lot of information from users who are driving the car every day and have great things to say. However they also are passionate about asking for changes in design and how the car works. You might find more answers to questions you have there than anywhere else.

More coming...