You can't wait either, can you?

I can see from my provider that traffic is picking up on this blog, so for both of my readers [ ;-) ], I'll check in. The Red Rocket (tentative name; but please feel free to make suggestions in a comment) is still undergoing inspection at Yokohama port. Rumor has it, it will be at the Yokohama service center next week, with delivery in 1-2 weeks after that. The second bit of news is an electrician has been chosen to install the wall connector; I went with the one suggested by Tesla. It will cost more, but the electrician has already installed one, so he knows the drill. They also guarantee the work for 3 years. The third bit of news is I just got a GoPro video camera, so I will be attempting to create some A/V records of owning a Model S in Japan. I have no intention of stepping on Bjørn Nyland's YouTube toes, but he certainly has been an inspiration to me on how to share the Model S experience. Check them out!

I'll leave you with three cool Wired videos I've just discovered. Actually, it's one video broken into 3 parts, thoughtfully imbedded just for you by yours truly. Enjoy!