Delivery update

Friday I heard from my DS about the latest schedule. There is no change for the car's arrival in country; it will arrive at Yokohama port on the 21st. The new information is that it will undergo inspection that takes a week. Then it will go to the Yokohama service center for final prep. That takes a week or two. It should be ready for delivery before mid-December. The only hitch is my address. If I want my car delivered at my home, it will be brought by a sub-contractor and not Tesla staff. I was looking forward to a demonstration of the car and a walk-through to make sure all is in order. 

Instead, I was told to watch the walk-through video online (I had already watched it--twice) and just watched it a third time. I will be using Nick Howe's checklist to make sure everything is in order. 

The other thing to update is that the paperwork arrived yesterday. There are forms for registration, ordering a custom license plate number, ETC Card (used on highways in Japan for automatic payment), and lease and loan. I was given 10 days to return those. 

I have one decision to make yet: I would like to protect the paint on the car. I will probably drive the car to Oita where there is a shop that does the work. Film at eleven. I'm very excited that it's so close.