Order tweaks: Some possible, some not

I mentioned in the last post that I had made a couple of requests for changes in my original order. The first was a month after I confirmed my order.

A bit of background may be in order. One of the things many Tesla customers seem to do is keep an eye on the Tesla website—there are forums for people interested in the car and company (some do their company research there for their stock picks), blog posts from the company and CEO, and there is the order page where one can check up on what options are available. The company does not follow annual model change schedules like traditional car companies; if a new feature is added to the car, it is made available when it is ready. Such was the case with the roof liner back in late August. I noticed that there were two choices, the tan that was the only choice when I ordered, and the black, which was new. In early September, I called James, my sales representative in Osaka, to see if I could get the black (the rest of the interior is black, why not make the roof liner black?) He checked, and a day later my order was modified. Well done, Team Tesla!

Back to the forums: I have noticed that the 21 inch wheels that were (I write "were" because now a P85 order now has the + included) part of the order for the P85+ are not popular with some customers. There are at least three issues: one is the low-profile 21s get damaged more easily (both tires and rims). Another is the cost of replacing the tires; they are twice the cost of the 19s. A third is the choice of tire: there are two makers, but they each offer one type of summer tire. The 19 inch wheels offer summer, winter, and all-weather tires made by several manufacturers. Since I had made contact with my delivery specialist (DS) last week, I asked him if I could change to the 19 inch silver cyclones Tesla offers on all the other Model Ss. I waited a day and found out the answer is no. This is a bit troubling since now Tesla offers the equivalent of the P85+ (called the P85) with 19 wheels. What gives, Tesla?