Delays related to Japanese orders

As you may or may not know, Tesla customers who have a car order in (currently Model S orders) are assigned a Delivery Specialist (DS). After you have talked with your sales representative and/or done all the research you need online, you place your order at the Tesla design area of their homepage (change countries if you are outside of the U.S.) You then will receive an order number, and you will be assigned to a DS who is in charge of getting your car to you.

I have been talking with my sales guru in Osaka about my requests and asking him any questions I have. He then contacted my DS and finally I got the information I was looking for. I realized that not only did this process take longer, but it put an added strain on the system. So yesterday I talked with my DS for the first time. I wanted to know more about the delay in my order. From that conversation, I learned that not all orders are equal around the world. While U.S. orders are being placed and filled in a timely manner, Japanese orders are backed up three years (I also learned that it would take another year if I wanted to change to the new Dual Motor model). I cannot jump the line of people who ordered long ago, even before the Model Ss were available anywhere. The extra time has also allowed me to gather enough information to put in a couple of changes in my order (post coming soon).

Carry on, Tesla!