Another semester comes to a close

I haven't had a blogging platform for several years now, so forgive me if I'm rusty. Anyway, I put in my retirement notice in April of this year, giving my university 11 months' notice. I came here in 1993, so when I finish, I will have worked here 22 years (try teaching that future time pattern to the kids!). As another semester winds down, I wondered how many semesters I have taught here. That's 21 1/2 years, minus the year I had a research abroad break, making it 41 semesters so far. Not so newsworthy, but it is what it is. I guess I'm just feeling a bit nostalgic today.

Grades are finished for 3 out the 4 courses I'm teaching; I'm just waiting for the graduate students' papers to trickle in. I'll read them next week, and then it's the usual round of work I can't really talk about. I am in need of a decent vacation; thank goodness I have one planned with the family this summer. Then there's the volunteer work coming up before that. It should be a good summer for getting the blog going. Are you ready?

El Viajero Numero Dos

I started a blog called El Viajero (The Traveler) at on February 4th, 2005. I was nowhere near an early blogger; many I have read were started in the mid-1990's (an early memorable one I often read was by a staffer at David Letterman's Late Show; it was the only way I could get info on my favorite show). There were ups and downs, just like with any part of life. I blogged when I could and didn't when I couldn't (or wouldn't). I had varying goals: stuff about what I was doing and observations on the world around me; tidbits in culture, food, and life for my students; my struggles with and the inevitable failure that was my PhD; research in language, technology, and their confluence; and just about anything else I found interesting.

The research posts got in the way of the other, so I started on February 24, 2008. I meticulously copied all the academic posts over to the research blog and did my best to keep up with both.

The last post I wrote at El Viajero is dated October 6th, 2011 when I said farewell to Steve Jobs. Sometime after that post, the wordpress installation used to maintain the blog at my hosted site was hacked. There were images, a YouTube link, music and even names and email addresses from some group proclaiming war on the West. I took it all down and used a clean version of the wordpress database to restore the blog, but it was hacked again by a different group. I guess the URL made the hackers' mailing list. I decided at that point to take a break and regroup.

This post is a sort of restart of my blog. I reinstalled wordpress to try to extract the posts from the old blog but had no luck. I was able to make screenshots of the titles and dates of the 155 posts I wrote. If I can figure out a clean way, I might bring back some of the old posts, at least in spirit. Otherwise, here's to the new.