jklmelton.com blogs break--use sunscreen kids!

Things have been quiet here, I know. I'm on day three of a trip to the hospital to have a bit of skin cancer removed. Not the bad kind, so no worries. Technically, it's a basal cell carcinoma of the benign variety. It was cut out of my chest yesterday. Today they'll check the stitches. If all is well, I can leave tomorrow and finish the recovery at home. 

I spent more than 10 summers plus other seasons in the sun in Southern California, wearing nothing more than a swim suit. Since we had no air conditioning, the pool around the corner was where I went to keep cool. Then, during my teens, I played water polo and swam competitely. The beaches of So. Ca. were also where I spent a lot of time. I never heard of the ozone layer or its value in protecting our skin when I was younger. Sunscreen wasn't really talked about. If I put anything on, it was suntan lotion or even suntan oil. The goal when I was young was to get a nice tan. 

So there's your lesson: use plenty of sunscreen for your type of skin and activity. If you sweat or get in the water, reapply again.  

I'll be back with something more interesting in a few days.